Motorola Atrix 4G Review – Android Phone for AT&T

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  1. flameboy4444 says:

    i love how you explain the phone in a simple but serious way.Thank you verry much.

  2. wirefly says:

    You’re welcome! Keep in mind that this video and the comments are fairly old. There is now an Atrix 2, and AT&T has some other phones with very nice features, such as the LG Nitro and Samsung Infuse. Unfortunately, Wirefly no longer sells AT&T phones, so I don’t get to handle those any more. Still, you should take a look to see if they work for you.

    Bob at Wirefly

  3. ginacapecchi says:

    Awesome comment/review. I broke my iphone after two years and it is time for me to move on from Apple and try something new. I think the Atrix is my next victim! Thanks so much.

  4. wirefly says:

    Thanks… I appreciate the kind words.

    Bob at Wirefly

  5. Misha4117 says:

    i really like the way that you doing reviews, particularly this one. nice, logical development of your idea, explaining details, showing your personal point of view on some aspects. Overall, it’s nice to watch, listen and the most important it is that you understand what your are talking about. Thank you very much for this review, good luck and please make more…
    best wishes.

  6. theIDKer says:

    Have you got any word on the Motorola DROID Bionic?

  7. MusicaliPad says:

    This vs Galaxy s2? my only problems with the s2 is pretty big, and also i feel like touchwiz is so similar to iOS… but the s2 is a superior phone…

  8. wirefly says:

    The Photon is certainly related to the Atrix. I’m hoping to put my hands on the Photon next week, but don’t know for sure.

    Bob at Wirefly

  9. bravenat says:

    is the motorola photon 4G going to be this phone just switched over to sprint?

  10. devilsephiroth9000 says:

    heads up! droid X battery works for atrix, save some money on ebay and grab an extra droid x battery

  11. ImaCamoPenguinz says:

    Thumps up if you think that the screen looks so good that you think its fake

  12. NAPTOWNLOS15 says:

    Thanks for the quick reply i think i was leaning towards the atrix and i think i will probably go with that….

  13. wirefly says:

    Yes, the Atrix is my choice among AT&T phones and it is really good. If it was my choice, I’d take the Atrix… among other things, I think the 4-inch display is the ideal size. I haven’t seen the Infuse for AT&T, so I don’t know how that compares to the Atrix and iPhone.

    Bob at Wirefly

  14. NAPTOWNLOS15 says:

    Would you say this is the best android phone for at&t and would you choose this over the iphone 4?? I have had people tell me that the iphones are too restricted but i know that their are ways around that… Ive watched many reviews and i really cant decide so im trying to get peoples opinions plz respond

  15. YouHateGasgara says:

    The ThunderBolt is better.

  16. wirefly says:

    Probably around an 8. It’s fast, has a nice display, is a good size and get’s great network speeds. The biggest downside is that it gets quite warm when using it, which probably also means the battery life is not great.

    Bob at Wirefly

  17. cameronjaliyn says:

    @wirefly what is the atrix on a scale of 1 to 10?

  18. Michael vesagas says:

    great video man!

  19. wirefly says:

    Yes, it should. A co-worker here will be doing that this weekend, so I’ll know for sure then.

    Bob at Wirefly

  20. studiousstoner says:

    would my iphone 3g sim card work in the atrix??

  21. wirefly says:

    The fingerprint scanner definitely works. I found it kind of annoying, though. Sometimes, I just wanted to quickly open the phone and get at something (usually pausing a song or something like that). Having the $%&# fingerprint swipe security REALLY was awkward in a car, so I eventually turned it off.

    Bob at Wirefly

  22. jznavixm says:

    Bob, any update on the fingerprint scanner? It wasn’t covered in this vid, and I am just curious if it works well.

  23. wirefly says:

    I used the Atrix for only a couple of days, but noticed that it tended to get warm when the screen was on. I had the impression that the battery ran down fairly fast if you have the display on a lot (using it for GPS, for example).

    Bob at Wirefly

  24. TheAmbasadorsHD says:

    @wirefly I have a question, how is the battery life?

  25. heyurstillfat says:

    the one dislike has a samsung vibrant

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