Nexus 7 Unboxed the XDA Way

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  1. Xsk8erboy78X says:

    @jordanturner97 FUUUU, i guess i might wait till they make a second gen (tegra 4, back camera, fourth button, slimmer) hmm… pisses me off

  2. jordan turner says:

    It’s simple. You can’t.

  3. AQWD4ck says:

    Your trying to talk with shut mouth… Is that a new project?

  4. Veriscis says:

    Im thinking since they took out the rear camera, that button could have been originally used to access the camera.

  5. XboxLiveZocka says:

    0:20 Dafuq!?

  6. Xsk8erboy78X says:

    someone send me a link of how to add a rear camera and unlock the fourth button, i am purchasing a nexus 7 32gb 3g soon

  7. tvlampe says:

    Is it programable?

  8. tvlampe says:

    WHat does the 4th button dooo??? :P

  9. newballin says:

    Camera that would have been added

  10. crackerele says:

    Turn the music down, i can’t understand what you’re saying. A lot of us plat YouTube on smartphones that does not have good speakers. Pls, next time stop the music.

  11. SquirtingLlama says:

    Wow that was a pretty fast unboxing

  12. Brian Hillard says:

    Loving my 32gb Nexus 7.
    Great video. Did you work out what the fourth MBB button was for?

  13. Karol C says:


  14. Pat Pesa says:

    cansome one please send me a link to a video or tutorial to install a rear camera, like the one originanly desiegned for the nexus

  15. Unkn0wnP3rs0n1 says:

    On my nexus 7, the fourth button clearly says “Reset” next to it…

  16. stakoman says:

    Make a how to root on the Nexus7 :D

  17. kazunorikobo says:

    +xdadevelopers So I turned sideways my Nexus 7 and I felt something loose inside it.I openned it and I found out that the battery is loose!
    I never had any gadget with this issue.Should I get worried?Can it harm my tablet or cause some battery issue(since it’s lipo)?

  18. Simon Diekema says:

    Liked the intro :D

  19. Tine Jagrič says:

    nice :)

  20. unlokia says:

    EEVBlog did a ***MUCH*** better teardown… and his WAS actually proper HD, and macro.

  21. unlokia says:

    Odd people these XDA folk…

  22. LainSV says:

    Wow what was that an unboxing? However with ubuntu and some emulators it remains a killer device!..

  23. racinism says:

    coolest unboxing I have ever seen

  24. troy joseph forges says:

    yeah, save the plastic, it is VERY VERY IMPORTANT >.<

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