Nvidia-Powered Devices at CES Including Notion Ink Slate with Pixel Qi Screen!

25 Comments on "Nvidia-Powered Devices at CES Including Notion Ink Slate with Pixel Qi Screen!"

  1. IAmTheOnePoint0 says:

    i want one
    someone send me a message when someone finds out i can buy one

  2. wiigamer136 says:


  3. mnmsdn says:

    Notion Ink Adam FTW!!!

  4. indirockfella92 says:

    guys,breaking news!according to some sources the notion ink adam with whole pleathora of features will be launched on 8th or 9th of this month!top model is priced 449$.for mor info go to notion ink blog!cheers

  5. Louis Browne says:

    I own a itouch and love it to death but yet I too hate apple! Why? Becuase they make there devices to limited when it comes to inputing devices and software. Its so annoying. I want to sell my itouch and get an archos 5 andriod instead.

  6. Tommy Lien says:

    tap for photo?  where’s the swipe?…..get with the prcogram

  7. spec24 says:

    It’s also infested with Apple lovers.

  8. spec24 says:

    sure it is. Fake multitasking.

  9. Tommy Lien says:

    hes not showing off the pinch and zoom if it can even do that or wen surfing

  10. Gibson299 says:



  11. Mike Trieu says:

    Notion, dammit, not Norton!

  12. Mike Trieu says:

    Not that I agree with GTgook88, but I think that was his (rather misguided) point. He doesn’t seem to have a very high regard for Indian customer service or manufacturing. The “fondling” comment was just creepy and out of left field o_O

  13. rcoffie says:

    jeez youtube is infested with apple haters {=[

  14. dreamcastdc says:

    Hopefully some company will release a Android tablet, iPad was a huge letdown, basically just a huge iPhone, same hardware, just with a bigger screen and bigger battery.

  15. dilirent says:

    though i hope we can soon run windows vista/7 on it….am not a big fan of android 2… tho i heard it runs other os that i dont which ones

  16. dilirent says:

    definately..i canceled my pre order of ipad before it came out….this tramps the ipad in every possible way imaginable….it even has an hdmi port and 3! usb ports not one….unlike the ishit….if i see anyone with an ipad i will whip Norton adam ink out and laught at his none multi tasking..lol

  17. GTgook88 says:

    this looks better than the ipad but to be honest i’ll probably still buy an ipad. Apple provides more versatility app wise and when my ipad breaks at least i can fix it. if i get a notion and it breaks im gonna have to send it to who some no name company ive never heard of. customer service will probably be to an outsourced broken english indian. no thanks. just the fact that Apple makes the ipad i have piece of mind.plus i dont wanna look like im fondling my tablet in the middle of class.

  18. sora778 says:

    why does it have a phone app, is it possible to do video chat on it??

  19. BLUERAY1611 says:

    India is, of course, regarded as a software superpower but hasn’t really made waves in IT hardware so far. That could soon change, thanks to the Adam tablet PC of Hyderabad-based Notion Ink. Adam has generated enormous buzz on tech websites and gadget blogs.

  20. yoursumashankar says:

    YourLockerz and pillow43,

    Adam used in this video was NOT a finished product or Proto-Type.

    Now, finished ADAM videos are available on YouTube. If you watch it, you will know why APPLE is ripping people off for thir iCRAPS!

    I will be buying THREE ADMAS.

  21. Zen Kaojarern says:

    agree with you, i think the processor was great but the screens are laggy sometimes.

  22. YourLockerz says:

    00:56 very responsive, not! this tablet is a total let down for capacitive screens. Its just to laggy for my and most peoples tastes.

  23. sreekanths18 says:

    Really good job from people at Notion Ink

  24. shaolindreams says:

    im not paranoid id just like to know what it means lol.. maybe a few other noobs like me do too.

  25. tigersoup says:

    NotionInk’s Adam tab is quite impressive!

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