Open Symbian System Files And Hidden Folders In 2 Mins (Rompatcher)

6 Comments on "Open Symbian System Files And Hidden Folders In 2 Mins (Rompatcher)"

  1. Anandhu Purushothaman says:

    contact me on, I can help you…..

  2. Anandhu Purushothaman says:

    I accidently deleted the folder named “10202be9″ from the private folder of
    my Nokia E5. I found, the only way to get it back is by consulting with
    other E5 users. I can’t find this folder in any site. So I request you to
    send that entire folder as an archive as soon as possible. I can’t even get
    calls to my phone. SO PLEASE HELP ME !

    Send 10202be9 to

  3. shakaibmasooud123 says:

    rom patcher certificate error said

  4. rasa2144 says:

    cotanct the application supplier..,what can i do??

  5. alvster98 says:

    why when i open my rompatcher, it says sys/bin/patcher*.LLD not found??????

  6. Thota Madhu Sudhan Rao says:

    please help me i want to install apps my mobile i nokia 6700 slide,plz mail me i l reply u in minutes my email ID is,i am trying to hack my phone from one month ,my email ID is

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