Real Life Cheat Codes

25 Comments on "Real Life Cheat Codes"

  1. SynchronizeMedia says:

    Where did you guys get the sound effects from?

  2. mastergamer591 says:

    of course its fake its all editing

  3. tthedanmann says:

    awesome vid! but you forgot to blur the bullet holes on the car at 2:46

  4. Tupac Marius Adrian says:

    You don’t say?!

  5. Tasha Meredith says:

    Bully music in beggining

  6. mohenriksen321 says:


  7. mohenriksen321 says:


  8. druwinka brickston says:

    superb editing brother

  9. felix hernandez says:

    i hope they make another video with all the cheat code like
    unlimited life
    unlimited ammo
    all the world has guns

  10. TheMario810 says:

    LIFE HACK!!!

  11. felix hernandez says:

    I want a machine gun using that phone

  12. JosephB880 says:

    I need one of these…

  13. mushpangor says:

    Animated, for obvious reasons, and with the first one, bullets were still in the clip when he shot it

  14. Yu Min Song says:

    I hope I have this phone

  15. Celestino Quintana says:

    Oh man..what I would do with this phone…

  16. Dahwa Lin says:

    Are the weapons animation, or real guns with blanks, or what?

  17. Overshawdowed says:

    I like his hair

  18. JhabaSoft says:

    even worse

  19. TheMickezz says:

    thats is what they want you to think

  20. jabber99999 says:

    wtf are wrong with you trolls? It’s a funny video, it’s a joke. Videos don’t have to be based on real life. I think your the idiot.

  21. adnaan rolerbrade says:

    how can that be real cheat in real life how idiot

  22. TracerBullet100 says:

    You guys are awesome. I see you favor the low temperature effect for color correction.
    I do as well

  23. Slenderm3ns says:

    Wich program did you made this?

  24. thomasfactory says:

    It’s a LG……

  25. robloxgamer95vids says:


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