Rooted XXJVK Android 2.3.3 ROM for Galaxy S [Highlights] HD

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  1. motonumark says:

    music name please?

  2. Eavenhascht Krauger says:

    Nope, until now… =(

  3. NextGenGamerReviews says:

    would this work for any 2.3.3 ?

  4. Eavenhascht Krauger says:

    not yet..I’m quite busy on my studies. =)
    I’m gonna try my laptop’s usb drivers to be fixed.

  5. Vecsian says:

    Well.. have you tried it?

  6. Vecsian says:

    I havent installed any cusom ROM in my SGS.. but i want to root it and Im worried if this gona work for me cuz I have the same “stats” like you in settings/about phone..

  7. Eavenhascht Krauger says:

    How did you start installing a custom rom? what things I have to cinsider ?
    Did it requires samsung kies when connecting to the computer?
    I’m very eager to do this on my sgs1 but i’m still doubting because my phone do not sync with samsung kies on my laptop. It says, ” CDC serial not allowed” ,,,something like that…

  8. Vecsian says:

    Ive got the same

  9. sergiusdacian says:

    Hello.My samsung galaxy s2 version is 2.3.5
    Baseband version: I9100NEKI2
    Kernel version: I9100XWKI8-CL616395
    Build Number: GINGERBREAD.XWKI8
    Is there a problem if my baseband version is different from Kernel and Build number?
    It’s like that because I made an update on Kies.

  10. Eavenhascht Krauger says:

    MY GALAXY S has these…

    Baseband version: I9000XXJVQ
    Kernel version: #2
    Build Number : GINGERBREAD.XWJVN


  11. crystalsonic says:

    same. mine too. i still dont know how to fix it

  12. kalle3181 says:

    My galaxy s have 2.3.5 !!!

  13. emreeverytimeonline says:

    Soyle videolarin altinda bi kerede Turklerin yorumu olsun bide biz boyle insanin isine yarayacak videolar yapalim!! Ama nerdee nerde sacma sapan is var onunla ugrasiyoruz!!!

  14. KurosakiSamster says:

    Try pulling the battery out (ONLY IF YOU CAN”T TURN IT OFF NORMALLY).
    Then follow this link and flash your phone as per the instructions (GT I9000 ONLY). Don’t root again if its causing problems. You will lose your contacts and messages by flashing.

  15. KurosakiSamster says:

    I rooted my phone but suddenly the accelerometer doesn’t work in any app or anywhere. Also, my notification bar must be “forced close” on startup. :(
    Anyone else having this problem?.

  16. KurosakiSamster says:

    Thanks man actually it turned out my external sd card was corrupt. Just removed it and everything works fine. Appreciate the help. :)

  17. Kapil Malani says:

    install xxjvq firmware and root it then.

  18. Kapil Malani says:

    Are you installing app using titanium backup? Then, first make sure you’ve enabled debugging mode in settings-applications-development.

  19. KurosakiSamster says:

    Dude I updated my rooted GT-I9000 to 2.3.3 but now everytime I try to install an app, it just continues “installing” and then shuts down automatically. Help, I need titanium backup for all my contacts and messages!! :(

  20. fairous77 says:

    Thanks for help.Now my phone is work :)

  21. Kapil Malani says:

    I think you applied the root for JVK on a firmware different than JVK. Anyways, install the Android 2.3.4 firmware XXJVQ and then root it (link in that post only). Search theandroidsoul website for xxjvq and you’ll get a guide with download links. I hope it helps!

  22. KBWeaponX says:

    the easiest would be.try changing it to stock froyo first. there’s a video on it called ‘samsung galaxy s flash phone back to froyo’.after that you can do this rooting.i played around with my phone since then :) .

  23. fairous77 says:

    Is same with my phone..How to fix is?

  24. fairous77 says:

    This is happen when i install root my phone become eror always restart and restart to fix it?

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