Samsung Admire Metro PCS

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  1. SuperSucka12 says:

    This phone sucks camel dicks

  2. Yonks Lopez says:

    Metro Pcs works best in the bay area in california…duh your service is going to suck.

  3. Killer23307 says:

    plz do a comparison of this and the Samsung galaxy admire 4g

  4. prettyashley155 says:


  5. Carlito Rios says:

    i got this phone and it sucks

  6. santi23987 says:

    This phone slow

  7. ccorrea71 says:

    HELP! I used to have my phone set up where it would use the Facebook profile pic for my contact pics, but today all of a sudden it is no longer doing it. Where to I go to find the option to correct this? I have been thru everything and cannot find it. It happened once before and I found and corrected it but this time I cannot find it. Does anyone out there know???? (Samsung Admire)

  8. whitmoremiddle says:

    The Samsung Admire is not a 3G. When this phone came out, MetroPCS did not have 3G or 4G at the time, so that means this phone runs on 2G and 1x.

  9. mindfreak121496 says:

    Its an ok phone

  10. wachmyvids says:

    By far the worst phone i ever owned i hardly ever get service even in citys in MA ecept boston im always running 1g when i pay 50 dollars a month for 3g. it shuts it self of ALL THE FUCKING TIME and it frezes up. Dont buy this phone and dont buy metro pcs its absoultly garbage

  11. MoneyMantis says:

    Terrible terrible phone. Its complete garbage. It turns off by itself all the fuckin time. Keyboard is trash. Sometimes when I make a call the screen locks by itself untill the call is done. those bullshit ads pop up at least 10 times a day. DO NOT get this phone.

  12. 1sirloke says:

    This is a ok phone. Not a bad phone. I own this and love it til I seen zte anthem. But this is a good phone hands down

  13. Joshua Coy says:

    this phone is a piece of shit…I’ve owned it for about a year or two now and it’s been nothing but trouble since the first week I got it for almost $170. The keyboard always freezes, it doesn’t hold too many apps, it force restarts whenever it feels like, the battery hardly lasts one day (but then again neither does any other phone’s battery.) I am just moving away from MetroPCS period. They have a lousy choice of phones, below average coverage, and slow customer support.

  14. Ryan Matson says:

    some companies provide phones for people to review.

  15. Ryan Matson says:

    lg motion. now.

  16. luckysureno says:

    If I were u I’d stay with the other phone till metro comes out with a better phone cause the admire sucks ones u get it when I hade it it would freez on me it would be slow and yeah I’m telling u cause I had that phone and I upgrade it to Samsung galaxy attain 4g from metro this phone is really good works fast and everything

  17. brenton brown says:

    If you want a review never go to a metro pcs channel because there just going to sugarcoat everything so you buy the more expensive phone

  18. MetroPCSworldclass says:

    @Daniel Sinkler I’m a regional manager for a Metro PCS dealer

  19. Daniel Sinkler says:

    Does anyone else wonder how these people get all these phones? Do they waste all their money buying them just for reviews??

  20. Gabriel Flores says:

    Why would you want to?

  21. ThatCODGamer95 says:

    @money26tw i think theyre just sensors

  22. Madi1000x says:


  23. madpolo88 says:

    Could you use this phone without activating it with Metro?

  24. Sonicfanboy250 says:

    My second phone and it suck.

  25. James Phillips says:

    on the Samsung Admire, how do we turn the speech text for texting on, so we can hear the texting?

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