Samsung Captivate Glide (AT&T) video review

25 Comments on "Samsung Captivate Glide (AT&T) video review"

  1. FakeSant says:

    waiting for mi new captivate glide!!! :-)

  2. Johnmark Marinkovich says:

    cool whip… i think i am going to get one of those

  3. henry conner says:

    whats would u rather have pantech burst or this

  4. Iliveforjesus100 says:

    i have that place mat. lol

  5. lilcl98 says:

    Its the video quality. I notice no real difference.

  6. HMSTroll says:

    This one!! :) 

  7. Daniel Schadt says:

    what is the best smart phone with full qwerty extendable keyboard provided by at&t, getting an upgrade and i really want the best smart phone with a physical qwerty keyboard :)

  8. carlos cardenas cabrera says:

    have dlna???

  9. RebornLovers4Eva says:

    Am I the only one who thinks its annoying that he’s comparing it to the galaxy??

  10. xiluvmusic6090 says:

    what’s the price?

  11. MrMrfightzone says:

    I have this phone but I would wait till the second 1 or just get the gs3

  12. AndroidObserve says:

    i think this video is good , i add you to my contact , can you add me ?thnaks

    and if you have any great videos , please tell me,i will watch it just now .

    if you can ,pls subscription my video channels, i bookmark some the leastest android video ,apple news ,thanks again

    your video is great !!!!

  13. tv77355 says:

    pshh i was born & raised on sidekicks, so I love this phone !

  14. bigsmoov17 says:

    whats the difference between the 720p video and the 1080p video??…it almost sounds like a big deal

  15. bigsmoov17 says:

    i just bought one last waiting for it to be sent here to Ole Miss…i cant wait! lol

  16. chargerx150 says:

    ask your friend

  17. ermac10011 says:

    is this a good phone my friend had 1 and its time for me to get a new phone

  18. hannah14783 says:

    Great review. I am getting this phone in 3-5 days and I am so very excited! Woo

  19. legoman1539 says:

    Is it a feature phone

  20. MsYarelis1 says:

    this hone is amazing…i have gotten it myself 3 months ago the keyboard is not a problem actually very easy to type i would recommend it the camera is verfy good quality& the front camera is okay

  21. ifranklinTV says:


  22. Sage Benenati says:

    lucky lol

  23. Grunt121andtzm says:

    That matt is hypnotic as hell… @_@

  24. MsAmyyy24 says:

    Is this only available in the us? Will it ever be available in the uk? If so, when? Also, if I bought this online, how I would be able to go on it with my O2 sim card?


  25. MayerEO says:

    I really liked my iphone 3gs when I first got it, but I’m am SO ready for a hardware keyboard already. My annual upgrade can’t come soon enough :

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