Samsung Galaxy Prevail (Boost Mobile) live first-look

25 Comments on "Samsung Galaxy Prevail (Boost Mobile) live first-look"

  1. hollymolly126 says:

    How do I take off swype on the samsung galaxy prevail

  2. Trey Hearon says:

    This phone should be thrown in the dumpster! My moms had that phone and it suddenly stopped working! Horrible phone, do not ever get this piece of shit. Its glitches all the time! It also has terrible battery life, low memory and most apps are not compatible.

  3. cooldude1836 says:

    I have this phone, its awesome

  4. Nicolee Love says:

    all i hear is ppl in the back ground if your going to do a good video we dont need background nosie smh -__-

  5. sheron fry says:

    i gott the same phone dont like it thoe

  6. Stars12291 says:

    Can you check your YT messages on this phone?

  7. panagdimi says:

    Great and what would you say if I told you to go f*ck yourself. BTW the recording is a waste of time. Nice try though!

  8. JordanGray88 says:

    That would be hit or miss… as an owner of the Prevail, I can talk and text sometimes… most of the time I can’t.

  9. chappykat says:

    make your monthly payment on time for 6 months and your payment drops $5.00. Do it 18 months in a row and your payment will drop $15.00 total. Make sure you sign up for shrinkage plan first.

  10. chappykat says:

    tap and hold the icon you wish in the bin. Head south on the phone, the bin will pop up. Hope this helps.

  11. chappykat says:

    I really like this samsung galaxy prevail. Last September I took it with my to the Middle East and Africa on a comedy tour where I performed for the the troops. I did not take a camera and was pleasantly surprised at the camera and video quality of this phone. The first time I tried using the video function on this cell was in Djibouti Africa at the Cheetah preserve. I returned to the States with AMAZING footage of that trip. Great phone!

  12. carmelacmkde662 says:

    Grasp your chance to get iphone4! zlMP

  13. txavant says:

    U pay on time so many months the monthly cost goes down.. from 50 with a few intervals and gets as low as 35.

  14. Schinanigans says:

    I sell these phones at my work. We sell, At&T, Verizon, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Boost, and Net10. These phones are ok, but for the $50 more, GET THE WARP! The prevail is $150-$200. The Warp is $200. The Prevail has a bad battery issue, battery has bad life on it, loses charge fast, wont hold charge, even wont charge sometimes. Samsung is aware of this issue and they havent fixed it. I have people comming back often to return these phones cause of the issue, and thats within the 30 day policy.

  15. proudmommaNsoberfree says:

    does anyone know where the recycle bin is on this phone cause I got it? please let me know thank u

  16. Jake B. says:

    ….Can a monkey eat a bannana?

  17. fiesta dos says:

    can u talk and text on this phone?

  18. Geovany Garcia says:

    unlockSamsung Galaxy Prevail (Boost Mobile)

  19. lildboyful says:

    i got one play youtube better than the computer.

  20. TheGirltips101 says:

    whats the shrinkage about

  21. BitchImaSpartan says:


  22. TheGirltips101 says:

    can i watch youtube videos on it please answer

  23. ninhalo1973 says:

    will this phone play facebook games like the other andriod phones?

  24. bagoote says:


  25. babygirllol405 says:

    can u watch youtube on it

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