Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T Edition I777 (How To Flash Stock Firmware)

22 Comments on "Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T Edition I777 (How To Flash Stock Firmware)"

  1. yasm2002 says:

    can I watch TV using a cable with this phone model?

  2. ScoutWolf2041 says:

    will this get rid of the network lock?

  3. George Kharchenko says:

    Will this phone get official Jelly Bean firmware like the international one?

  4. Jesley Barros says:

    my e-mail is:, thks

  5. Jesley Barros says:

    I have an i777 but I bought this phone with another firmware, and the seller deleted the original firmware, I get a backup of original firmware on the internet? I’m from Brazil and do not want to have to send the phone to Samsung in the U.S.. Its you send me the backup or will not work? Help me, thanks!

  6. Prettybitshsyd says:


  7. Prettybitshsyd says:

    Could you do this for me?

  8. An Trinh says:

    thank you soooooooooooooo much

  9. ativg says:

    is this gingerbread or ICS

  10. Jesús Torres says:

    HELP PLEASE HELP, i flash a rom i9100 to my i777 and now the baseband is i9100xxki4..and now no voice or sound on calls :( .. PLEASE HELP WHAT I DO?..

  11. Taero021368 says:

    do you follow the same steps to flash a new rom? been trying to flash jellybean on my i777 but havent got it successfully done havent ran into bricking yet any videos you know of to flashing new roms? or how to use odin or where to get it?:///

  12. Ivan Falquez says:

    hey how does it work ? flash or repair? you be going to be telling me what to do?

  13. fabhun16 says:

    Thanks alot!!!

  14. Alonzo Madonna says:

    hey MTV is there any way to tell what firmware the at&t phone is because i soft bricked my friends at&t skyrocket trying to flash with odin dont really know if its the i777 or i727 or i757 ect
    is their a way to tell by popping out the battery and looking at the serial number

  15. Jimmy Currey says:

    your the shit man thank you

  16. 60762684 says:

    What’s the point of flashing?

  17. seeker6346 says:

    Thanks so much. worked great :-) 

  18. kyleho712 says:

    thanks a lot

  19. Rai Apostol says:

    you just saved my phone :) thank you! i wish i could donate! :(

  20. Miguel de gonzalo says:

    Thanks to post this video , i was looking for that about 3 days , until i saw this video….. thank you very much to help people :)

  21. Brad hambrick says:

    Were is all that ICS love

  22. ThatBeerPongGuy says:

    Tommy, I flashed over a ROM for I9100 not knowing the difference (newbie). I finally found your video which helped me get my phone back operable again and for that I thank you! I still have 1 small problem and I was hoping you could help because nobody will respond to my threads on Basically my Baseband Version is set to I9100XXKE7 and I cant figure out how to change it to the I77….etc., any help will be greatly appreciated!

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