SIM-Unlocking the Windows Phone 7 (HTC HD7)

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  1. burn2own says:

    Can you unlock the Htc evo 4g and use it under rogers?

  2. THEM1GHTYPHUZ says:

    what company did you get your code from?

  3. SmartAps89 says:

    Top Free App for WP7: Ascii SMS

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  4. Vitruviux says:

    @garyadavis Great video Gary, very informative and calm, the way you unlocked the phone, “officially” is way better than using Chevron which is an equivalent of UltraSn0w on the iPhone for the exact reasons that you described, no more worrying about updating or changes. You did kinda sound nervous on your final code entry, haha, I know the feeling.

  5. garyadavis says:

    Yes, I used ChevronWP7 to unlock my HTC HD7 and my wife’s Samsung Focus and then applied the registry patches to prevent the re-locking that occurs on connection to the Zune software. This technique will be disabled or altered after the next WP7 update.

    Note that the unlock process described by this video is a SIM-unlock and not related to the “homebrew” unlock of ChevronWP7 which allows App-sideloading.

  6. wongsinj says:

    Hey, did you try chevron7? That’s a free software that has been developed to unlock your windows phone 7.

  7. garyadavis says:

    @KidMafia08 Yes, you can unlock the Samsung Focus using the information in this video. My understanding is that Boost Mobile uses a technology not compatible with the GSM phones.

  8. KidMafia08 says:

    i can unlock the samsung focus?also can i activate this phone with boost mobile”?thnx

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