SONY XPERIA U USB OTG DEMO (use pendrives ect.) st25i

24 Comments on "SONY XPERIA U USB OTG DEMO (use pendrives ect.) st25i"

  1. ExperienceGamers001 says:

    Why you use a Samsung Adapter on a sony phone

  2. CS Aulakh says:

    no, just astro! its automatically installed!

  3. CS Aulakh says:

    Sony=More Stylish Samsung=Expensive + Famous

  4. CS Aulakh says:

    try s2. u will get better roms etc for it! its famous.

  5. CS Aulakh says:

    Its the best mobile for this price range, its better than any samsung android phone of this range! btw its just galaxy ace and its better than that! its stylish everyone will see towards your phone and I have updated it to ICS. Sub me pls

  6. CS Aulakh says:

    ya it would I think, try SanDisk

  7. CS Aulakh says:

    it probably would

  8. CS Aulakh says:

    if it would be in apk format bro lolx but its no!!

  9. CS Aulakh says:


  10. naveen av says:

    can we install game in usb…& camera&video in usb..beacause of xperia u have recording internal only 4gb..

  11. unreal300 says:

    no root. works on gb and ics. 

  12. Sanket Savani says:

    hey does it required ICS version .? in Astro where can i find my usb

  13. EPR89 says:

    The easiest way is to install the PC Companion and from there the application Media Go, since this lets you manage files. But you can also simply connect the phone to your computer and copy files to it. Just make sure that you put them in the right folder. With Media Go you obviously won’t have that issue.

  14. Javier Gonzalez Aranda says:

    need root?

  15. unreal300 says:

    hey guys! pls check out my new channel as i dont use this one any more! check out the unboxing of the razer cyclosa gaming keyboard their! click the links on the video to check it out! tks for the support guys!

  16. Jai Raj Kashyap says:

    thanks for the demo…really helped!

  17. Johnny Goh says:

    I buy this phone today,damn good.but update it to ics!damn lagg before I use my xperia neo!

  18. bravofirstplatoon says:

    could u play games stored in pendrive?

  19. Jeeshan Sheikh says:

    Its Supports Printers ?

  20. metrotoys says:

    Can i use my psp slim 3000 on this??

  21. sanjay mehta says:

    Does Transcend jet flash 500 16 gb pendrive work with Xperia U USB OTG cable?

  22. dininner says:

    Thanks a lot. Any suggestion for the brand of pendrive? I need one with higher storage as in 16gb would do. Do you think the phone can take it?

  23. Susheel Moothedath says:

    Did you update the phone to ics.??? I’m Planning to buy one..What do u think should i go for it..?
    or is there any other phone in the same price range..??

  24. youngoldyoungold says:

    sumsung s2 or xperia p or htc sensation xe ??

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