Sprint HTC EVO 4G Apps & Features Demo

24 Comments on "Sprint HTC EVO 4G Apps & Features Demo"

  1. ireland21211 says:

    When it shows youtube, it shows greyson chance before he was famous hahha.

  2. jonathanalvarez713 says:


  3. Jacqueline Dafney says:

    I’m getting this tomorrow morning I’m so excited!!!

  4. bjsocool96 says:

    @tiro00. Do u get skype ? Maybe you can try tango

  5. tiro00 says:

    hey i got this phone and i want video chat with my sister , she also has this phone but with at&t … i have qik as my video ap … i told her to get the same ap as me,but she said hers doesnt show the video chat! what can i do ? can u recommend me to and ap that i could use to chat with my sis?

  6. stephstorm55 says:

    when is is coming to Canada!!!!!!!

  7. 81jimenez says:

    When 2.3?????????

  8. Cuffy6 says:

    @bobbinman123 no but if u get tango u can

  9. bobbinman123 says:

    Qik Question: with Qik can i video chat with someone who uses Facetime on an Apple product like an Itouch or Iphone?

  10. cain heim says:

    no u can not unlock sprint phones no simcard

  11. bopedeba1 says:

    can you unlock this phone so that it will work with an AT&T sim card and still call text ………??

  12. thepeoplewhoDCare says:

    i have the sprint sanyo and i want this phone bad if i buy it can i have all my contacks swiched and pics and stuff switched over on to this phone i also want to keep my number would this be posable???

  13. awsomebananapie says:

    cupcake cannon ftw

  14. thatshot3000 says:

    have nd love it to death!.. nd im always in 3g its perty fast already..bt i like tht i can switch to save battery or somthing…i freaking LOVE this phone! its honesty the best phone ever took a while to get used to it..but gosh its awesome!

  15. xboxrules345 says:

    whats the lowest monthly plan

  16. BurritoXL2 says:

    I bought two today! one for me the other for the wife…
    LOL! I just had that excuse for give me a nice auto gift without feeling the guilt.

  17. ThatGuyThatComments says:

    Thumbs up if you also prank-called the number in his voicemail.

  18. gffhui says:

    @chuongvision in the review video can u cover facebook and twitter dying to see how they look on the evo

  19. MrEastern94 says:

    if u wer listening he said they dont have it in san francisco. jus sayin

  20. MrEastern94 says:

    in asia, its probably old already lol. they probably have htc evo 8g so get one of those

  21. kazper333 says:

    its horrible, like 3hrs i heard of talktime jaja isnt that funny and pathetic

  22. kazper333 says:

    tethering +$30, hotspot +$10, unlimitd evrything plan $60, were lookin at around $120 wow and they say Sprint has the best package, i pay roughtly $80 in Tmobile, have tethering for free, hotspot for free and an evrythin plan for $80 in total, Tmobile has the best customer care, the best plans, going to be the fastest network by the end of this year sorry LTE is nice but wont compare to Tmobile fastest hspa network which is growin by the month, hopefully it arrives soon here in Chicago

  23. arsyad1982 says:

    very nice, when will it available on asia?

  24. GageJHahn says:

    Iphone 4.

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