“Straight Talk Wireless ” “3g iphone 4″ $45 Unlimited Yes It’s True!!

17 Comments on "“Straight Talk Wireless ” “3g iphone 4″ $45 Unlimited Yes It’s True!!"

  1. Mirza Khan says:

    @SaraST8 Is your data really unlimited?

  2. tony williams says:

    what link were you clicking on? because all the links work,i just clicked on all 3 of them.

  3. Ryan Rhodes says:

    on the link it keeps saying there has been an error

  4. xXckkillerXx says:

    shut the fuck up (: i love you, wait whats going on? anyone want some cocaine? :0

  5. tony williams says:

    You Think is Name Sounds Funny But He is Laughing All The Way To The Bank!!!
    Google His Name Carlos Slim, who has an estimated net worth of $70 billion, owns a controlling stake in TracFone, which makes $10 per phone for each device it provides to poor Americans.

  6. Edgawrr says:

    Carlos Slim? lol

  7. Christopher711 says:

    I wonder why contract cell phone companies let prepaid companies use their towers. doesn’t that cost them money?

  8. andrew magana says:

    can you still connect phone to itunes for music pics etc. Will data be throttled or should i try with net10 and will the data be throttled on that as well

  9. 3711cat says:

    I live in Dallas TX.

  10. 3711cat says:

    My name is Paul Derrick and I just put my iPhone 4s on sprint and now I have 4g with Straight Talk.And I have done my wife Iphone 4s on sprint now we have Straight Talk .Thank you for your videos

  11. Serenity3325 says:

    Can some help me…. I am using the Byop sim card for straight talk. I bought a phone from Amazon that is unlocked and jail broken it is a iphone 3g. Everything works but the mms messages. What can i do?

  12. ayyoovod says:

    Well, I want just to thank you for putting these videos.
    I finally ditched my contract with AT&T for two iPhone plans. I was paying almost $200 a month. It was killing me.
    I got my StraightTalk card and configured and everything is working perfect: Text, Voice and Data.

  13. Daniel Heckman says:

    Just so everyone knows, I have straight talk for my iphone 4s. I have the $45 per month unlimited plan. The data is not really unlimited. It is unlimited for WEB BROWSING and PICTURE MESSAGING. If you use your iPhone as a mobile hotspot or accrue a large amount of data usage per month, you are not penalized for the first month, but after that 2gb per month seems to be the cutoff. If you use that much data then you will get a call from straight talk reps threatening to disconnect your phone. FYI

  14. Leolyon00 says:

    thanks 4 the info man, REAL ASS video ..i got H2o im switching 2 STRAIGHT TALK 2MORO 

  15. FatalFrameFan645 says:

    @kqee2671 I ha virgin mobile and their data is so slow. And the phones freeze up constantly.

  16. Sleep638 says:

    @SaraST8 thanks for the tip!

  17. r31313131 says:

    Can u tell me how to or if u can put it on the galaxy note thanks alot

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