Top 5 Best Cydia Tweaks: 2013

23 Comments on "Top 5 Best Cydia Tweaks: 2013"

  1. MasterZombies123 says:

    Why is everybody doing best Cydia apps

  2. hypno159753 says:

    What’s the background music?

  3. Allstylez8 says:

    Is that keyboard colour part of the theme

  4. Luis Jaime says:

    fuck man! you are so funny XD

  5. solarstone6 says:

    where did you get your cap , only jokin just thought i would ask a silly question

  6. Antonio TheAwesome says:

    Wow they ask you stupid questions

  7. r14balu says:

    Swipe Selection ♥

  8. SickBmxProductions says:

    Song ???

  9. kellymafia101 says:

    whats the source for slider pro

  10. shauryaverma01 says:

    Its good

  11. Haikarl Turner says:

    Awesome guys! Thanks!

  12. online12plus says:

    wtf 3:27

  13. Bread Butter says:

    killa bee?

  14. iCrackedItTv says:


  15. kingsteel21 says:

    i cant find that theme

  16. Brenden Beavers says:

    hey.. make sure albert doesnt see you.

  17. mastercodskiller says:

    4758 mhh where do you live? haha no joke ;D

  18. anonymous3221 says:

    whats going on @ 3:29?

  19. WZRD01 says:

    What’s the theme

  20. Beau Ballard says:

    Does slider pro work? Cause i tried springtomize 2 and that fucked my phone up but slider pro doesn’t give you any lag or put your phone into to safe mode or anything? Great video by the way

  21. ThatFCN says:


  22. ThatFCN says:


  23. ThatFCN says:


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