Top Five App Store apps for iPod/iPhone (PAID)

19 Comments on "Top Five App Store apps for iPod/iPhone (PAID)"

  1. SevenStudioColombia says:

    Hi all … I recommend this game (Developed for Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch), has good 3D graphics, excellent music and can use all 10 fingers to play

  2. jrodmiller1234 says:

    iRa pro is 899.99

  3. charmingdude007 says:

    Go to appstore
    Download juno wallet
    Sign up and put the code CD186701
    Get the $25 itunes card

  4. daniel23030 says:

    yes it’s

  5. vBcSmith says:

    yes it is on installous you just have to type in “robot unicorn” and scroll down abit and you find it because i just got it like 2 minutes ago

  6. 3DCrayons says:

    iRa Pro is 899.99 good thing most people have installest

  7. MyTummyHurts123 says:

    lol :) 

  8. AlbanianKilla22 says:

    u cant get ira pro on installous

  9. TheKomi10 says:


  10. TheKomi10 says:

    NICE INTROOO :) )))

  11. k4vglitcher says:

    Get a free itunes $25 dollars gift card for free. Get an FREE app called checkpoints at the app store for your ipod or iphone and use the code “k4vglitch” for the free Gift card. Huryy before they block it!!!

  12. rich1563 says:

    Sorry I didn’t listen to you, I was too busy playing snake!

  13. mastax1234 says:

    i can play snake!!!

  14. saleenmustangs71 says:

    your right u can play snake 

  15. Pianoman04428 says:

    If you hold the video at 0:00 and hold left on your keyboard, you can play a game of SNAKE!!!! Thumbs up if it worked

  16. mindystorm says:

    please help me i want robot unicorn attack but is not on installous!please help me i want that game sssssssooooooooooooooooooo badly thanks

  17. bbaannaannaazz says:

    Some of them look okaii -ish but but there not really my cupmof tea hehe x

  18. zarlieck says:

    wait……… you have RUA on an jailbroken ipod??? O_O HOW?? i haven’t found any working RUA ipa on the entire internet!! and when i search in installous nothing appears.
    please tell me how you made it work, which iSO do you have? can you provide me the link you downloaded it from?
    sorry for the massive questions lol haha, but a REALLY want this game.
    btw i have a jailbroken ipod touch 2g 3.1.3 MC (waiting for the jailbreak on 4.0 MC models…)

  19. sanderkorver says:

    cant get robot unicorn attack to work, can u help me with that please?

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