Win Free iPhone 4s In 1 Minute

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  1. Bojan Buzanin says:

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  2. kaylyn7403 says:

    Did not get one

  3. terrelljardine99 says:

    Ive been trying to find iphone that u could win an I came across u and I would like to know if u could help me pls thanks for your coroperation

  4. icessa19 says:

    is it still on i rly want one

  5. Skywalker17556 says:

    bro i really need one may you help me plz

  6. Kishita nimkar says:


  7. Blend Krasniqi says:

    Facebook sent me one iPhone 5.It’s amazing!
    If anyone interested here is the link to the offer . Hurry up! :)
    (copy and paste the link above to your browser URL)

  8. Kim tran says:

    me not ke and on it not onbite

  9. Kim tran says:

    hey james can you help ke with it :( the website for some reason it wouldn’t let me onbit

  10. LoL4Ever59 says:

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    5)Check your email afteri 1~2 min
    6)Enjoy :D

  11. noah creator says:

    i dosent work!!

  12. James Smith says:

    With a pleasure, How can i help you? :) 

  13. James Smith says:

    Just click which one you like more or get all 3 phone for absolute FREE! :)

  14. jafijafor169 says:

    Hey James smith can you plase help me wiht it

  15. truedictator says:


  16. James Smith says:

    Link is in description, iShadowPvp, Ishan822 and mmmiguelmarcelino and others already won,
    Good luck with you :)

  17. James Smith says:

    It’s true, Already Tested by people,
    Try yourself, Get chance to win ;)

  18. James Smith says:

    It’s not late, You can try now :)

  19. Caleb Smith says:

    Is it to late? I really want one!!!!

  20. ayeebeauty says:

    I would like one now pls

  21. Amir Hossain says:

    nice and cute model i phone 4s ! like this..

  22. James Smith says:

    Your welcome :) Check out my other videos, Maybe you will be happy to win another great thing too ;)

  23. Ishan822 says:

    woow..! Thanks you Friend..!

  24. lckahadugoda says:

    nice phone. thanks for this video.

  25. James Smith says:

    FREE ! ;)

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