Xperia X10: Flashing Wolf’s Tweaked v2.3 Gingerbread Firmware

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  1. jai554 says:

    how does this ROM performs when playing games such as Asphalt 6 and GTA 3? im on locked bootloader now… :

  2. BluechipJ says:


  3. jai554 says:

    Hi, do i need to unlock my bootloader before i install this ROM?

  4. BluechipJ says:

    What was so confusing about: “Wolf’s Tweaked Gingerbread ROM” in the description, which took you to the original developer thread?

    The original developer thread then has a giant section titled “Downloads”.

  5. Smyle verma says:

    i got it from 3rd party site instead of your link. it was so confusing. anyways thanks

  6. BluechipJ says:


    Read… the… description.

  7. marius earl fauni says:

    where is the link to rom??

  8. BluechipJ says:

    Where do you think… #facepalm

  9. Smyle verma says:

    where is the link to rom?

  10. oran3e2 says:

    Dont worry i have fixed it, in fact it was the software on my the phone, i had to wipe everything and then update through SE update service, then reflash to a more stable better kernal (Doomkernal v06) and my data was working again and the phone is 2x faster :) , thanks for the reply btw

  11. BluechipJ says:

    Software on a phone doesn’t affect your contract.
    If your data isn’t working, it’s because you’re missing your APN (data access) settings under Mobile Networks / Wireless.

  12. oran3e2 says:

    Yes i know that i have read it many time… i am asking does this effect my vodafone contract?, i recently moved my contract sim to a new/old xperia x10i unlocked and i can call and send messages but i cant go on data connection, im not sure if it is because i have flashed my kernal, i have the latest 2.3.3 version i can get and im am very new at this, i have “got settings” from vodafone and i have tried doing it manually but still cant get my data connection to work. :(

  13. BluechipJ says:

    4th paragraph: “This works on ANY…”

  14. oran3e2 says:

    Great does ANY of this work for english networks, like vodafone??? please help

  15. TheMato0 says:

    rating +99999 very easy instal xrecovery :) thx man , i have problem with x10 before have x8 is been diffrent i read alot tutorials 4x break FW omg and now finally can use Roms

  16. BluechipJ says:

    … read the description.
    “Graphical FlashTool…”

  17. Ted LeGrande says:

    where do i get the flashtool without ilivid?

  18. BluechipJ says:

    Did you flash the baseband? Did you flash the WiFi fix?
    Read the original thread. I haven’t had an X10 in over a year.

  19. Andrew Ly says:

    i’ve got an wi-fi error on my phone when i finish installing the rom plz help me thnx

  20. NebriS4 says:

    I’ll try the other method, if it doesn’t work, can I use the ROM manager to install cyanogen mod 7 from the sd card right?

  21. BluechipJ says:


  22. NebriS4 says:

    I’m using the v0.3 of xRecovery. And it does say it won’t install cause it’s a read only system. (using the one you have on your mediafire account)

  23. BluechipJ says:

    Which version of xRecovery? If it isn’t going green, it’s not installing due to read/write permissions. Either use the ADB install method (check the other video) or use a root tool like Root Manager to change permissions to read/write.

  24. NebriS4 says:

    xRecovery isn’t giving me the green ticks on installation, and I did root the phone, install busybox, and allowed superuser premissions. Any clue what could be going wrong? (flashed back to 2.1.1 just like you did for this)

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