Batman Arkham City Lockdown Gameplay – Part 3 – Boss – Two-Face

19 Comments on "Batman Arkham City Lockdown Gameplay – Part 3 – Boss – Two-Face"

  1. Jose Manuel Castro Escandon says:

    0:48 live nudes, like arkham city of consoles

  2. NotSoPsycho says:

    LOL at 4:05 Batman totally shoved Two face into that wall.

  3. awesomemegakilla says:

    i cant wait to get this game

  4. marcgeorge100 says:


  5. Kridkorn Tangthanasirikul says:

    Harvey truly dead…

  6. MrFireworks888 says:

    O RLY?! 

  7. MrFireworks888 says:

    @Trenex1000 is fucking stupid

  8. roham mousavi says:

    you come for xbox too do you underestand?

  9. Sophia9Lott3134 says:

    I can not believe iPad 3 is finally out! The Good News Is I just got mine from becoming a tester over at

  10. MrJoshthezombie says:

    i love boss battles

  11. TheCommentGuy0007 says:

    lol, they are people that live to make others miserable, for instance, hackers or people that just spoil your gaming experience

  12. rockkong1 says:

    NOT last

  13. Trenex1000 says:

    What are “trolls”?

  14. theb13maker says:


  15. kiwininja100 says:

    unblock me darnit D: ;-; i can handle al dem trolls

  16. theb13maker says:

    nha ah nah…LAAAAAAAAAAAAST

  17. 85xorn says:

    yeah nope

  18. theb13maker says:


  19. FreeAppKing says:


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