Game Unboxing – Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Signature Edition

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  1. Nick23Legend says:

    never mind

  2. Nick23Legend says:

    Is it possible to redeem the code when you’ve already been playing the game for 2 weeks?

  3. bryanchia01 says:

    i have the same problem

  4. boratslays says:

    hi guys, i got this game today with the signature code and it says to enter it go in the extras sectionj then go on exclusive content then type the code but when i go on the extras bit there no exclusive content option. can any1 help me and tell me where to enter this code please?

  5. slipknotemo123 says:

    Dan there is a limited edition with a soldier figure which was exclusive to future shop.

  6. CarlCozyBaby says:

    I wanted to pre-order this game then i was busy in school so about 10 minutes ago i found out it already released -_-

  7. PaxPsych0sis says:

    Also if you trade 2select games in to futureshop you get the collectors edition with figure for free

  8. PaxPsych0sis says:

    The collectors edition came with a 10″figure of the main character you are playing. Hand painted and high detail. Really well made and totally worth the extra $20. The ultimate edition came with a USB nerf turret.

  9. Skate3X7clan says:

    .I.  -b–b-

  10. BoyToby23 says:

    really, an awesome intro!! love it i love it! XD

  11. GoldenNGunN says:

    @rtyui136 I paid 42 bucks for this. Consoles ftw. ;)

  12. Chris Demakas says:

    lol ok thnx

  13. blade runner says:

    how much was it

  14. rtyui136 says:

    I paid 50 for this version. PC FTW!

  15. rtyui136 says:

    You have to unlock it in-game.

  16. achyutde141 says:

    North America – 22nd May
    Europe – 25th May.

  17. eeboyx says:

    cant wait

  18. Chris Demakas says:

    i got signature but i cant even select the stuff i got

  19. kinect714 says:

    how did u get this early ???

  20. 3CrackNsmacK3 says:

    that is a really nice camera

  21. moomooanter2 says:

    why would he buy the game and not do a play through? He always does a play through of games he unboxes.

  22. CryNeko says:

    you are Jesus :D

  23. callum denyer says:

    i think this game is more of a campain game….

  24. FORBIDD3NIPOD says:

    just got my copy so exited!!!!

  25. Allen23Jordan says:

    hell yeah….

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