George Hotz iphone hack

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  1. fobodian says:

    WOW that was geo hotz! i always wanted to know who this guy is since im in the jb scene

  2. TheBalthierX says:

    This dude just needs to either be charged as a terrorist or have a bullet put between his eyes

  3. WillisTheRuler1 says:

    If hes hacked ps3 I will murder him I cant play mw2 or blackops. Everything is boring whoever has hacked the server must die!!!!

  4. chrisstevensjunior says:

    how can you tell if he truly unlocked the ps3? there’s other hackers who might’ve learned how to infiltrate the personal info.

  5. shady1293 says:

    Do you really think he would hack the psn again after previously being sewed by Sony? He would be pin pointed first. He’s too smart for that shit.

  6. TheKejuan24 says:

    @revolvermikey I know right.I cant even play metal gear solid online anymore.

  7. revolvermikey says:

    and now he hacked ps3

  8. derman077 says:

    Stickin it to the man! Just before college none the lass. He will get the sex, lol.

  9. ZzOssieZz says:

    Haha they were talking smack, and then his like bam Blackra1n could of made millions if i wanted. GF /LIFE

  10. maplepie17 says:

    Go Geohut

  11. latkeeeeeeee says:


  12. GOFASTER90 says:

    It’s really Funny because this story is good for Geohot and for Apple… because in a lot of countries Apple works with exclusive career and when a hacker find a new exploit, apple will gain more money because the rest of people would buy an iPhone in knowing that they could crack and unlock it and use their different career… And It’s not the “fault” of Apple ! What a good strategy really !!! In this strategy, who are the real hackers and who are those who work directly with Apple !!? I have

  13. Jedieaston says:

    geohot for the win

  14. Life202020 says:

    @androgender yeah, nice to meet you

  15. brdbear12345 says:

    @bananajizz21 its waht you jailbreak an ipod touch or iphone with

  16. iloveshoes415 says:

    This guy is a genius, thank you for letting me use the iphone.

  17. bananajizz21 says:

    @emilowich whats blackra1n

  18. RanaSwihart says:

    OMG! Just found this crazy site giving away IPHONE4s totally FREE! !!

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  19. emilowich says:

    These two idiots didn’t believe in him. And then he made Blackra1n.

  20. stuff5001 says:

    For all u comenters…Omg… I don’t care way u used to unlock it iPhone they’re all probobly spam stuff or u have to pay… Or u can frickin jailbreak it and get it for FREE

  21. pamelarise69 says:

    I unlocked my iphone using unlockiphonenow org
    Unlocking iphone never been so easy
    It worked, I recommend it

  22. markandrew2347 says:

    My wife unlocked her iphone using:
    unlockiphonenow org
    She did it in 10 minutes

  23. tal32123 says:

    @psfanboy999 not just that mostly because he quit making the jailbreaks for the iphone because he got his feelings hurt

  24. watarhassas says:

    I love this man

  25. myvirusbroke says:

    dude you are great

  26. sammytonnhi says:

    i thought Apple fixed it…i can’t do it on my iphone 3gs 8g ios 4 … I just checked it..My ipad 2 is in the same case…How can i bypass it

  27. n8te455 says:

    I have a iphone 3g and im trying take out the passcode . Anybody know how to get by it ?

  28. dragonfire105 says:

    @linux00001 do you realize the date of the post you said was the orignal is october 26 2010 and his pid was POSTED on oct, 25 2010.. think before you post you dumbass

  29. 0ntothenext1 says:

    Chirs angel got a iPhone ^

  30. rodsmasher says:

    I didn’t get the no shirt memo

  31. alt1ma2k7 says:

    hey did apple fix that glitch bc i cant do it anymore

  32. maryfirek says:

    thanks for the info and one more thing ur hot (^_^)

  33. maryfirek says:

    thanks for the info and one more thing ur hot (^_^)

  34. maryfirek says:

    thanks for the info and one more thing ur hot (^_^)

  35. whoizjohan says:

    @jb0177 hahaha “Fuckin wigger probably stole the phone.” hahaha nicely said funny as hell haha

  36. jb0177 says:

    Fuckin wigger probably stole the phone.

  37. timothy1573 says:

    Go to your address bar, after the word YOU and before the word TUBE, type in “win” then press enter

  38. mazemillls says:

    question for anyone, i have a stolen iphone whats the best way for me to get around the passceode???

  39. peoboii12 says:

    Wat if u press home screen?

  40. DaarkRedeemer says:

    damn your cute……

  41. Drwladimirklitschko says:

    Hey mate! I have a iphone 4 which has a picture of Itunes and USB on it! It will not allow me to rinf anywhere, please could you tell me how to get rid of this problem!


  42. TricksterVision says:

    i got a big i phone 4 update from itunes and i think it fixed this, also i have attemted to do this many times and it has failed. i have done it corectly as well.

  43. KatyBeth605 says:

    From what I see. you’re hot.


  44. entouchgraphics says:

    @linux00001 Look at the date in the URL “/2010/10/26″ Now look when this video was uploaded “2010/10/25″ Now who stole it from who?

  45. Erikevil1 says:

    Nice video!

  46. Itachitobisaga says:

    that other video stole this, cuz this is the 25th and their video is the 26th and they totally suck for stealing it

  47. ljbew says:

    I bet he would lick Santa’s cum off his anal cavity.

  48. njfreakleak1 says:

    he has a nice smile :) q lindo……

  49. itstheidoctor says:

    @linux00001 they stole it from me

  50. chachin20011 says:

    can I have your gold chain :)

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