how to activate and unlock iphone 3g without sim card {Must SEE}

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  1. xavoto34 says:


  2. Hamish Ram says:

    my iphone won t even start thx alot meanie

  3. Alexis White says:


  4. Junior Hernandez says:

    iPhone 4?

  5. Seth Shaw says:


  6. Mike Houben says:


  7. makemymusictrue4ever says:

    the link is in the description

  8. brogothoes says:

    my iphone was doing good but at one point it just stays white , doesnt change past that point

  9. TacticalPower88 says:

    my iphone is stuck in the country seection screen. i cant access the menu so i cant check the version

  10. MrAB102 says:

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  11. MrAB102 says:

    Best website for unlocking AT&T iphone
    abensservices . com
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    will unlock your iphone instantly (less than 5mins)

  12. Hacker32340 says:

    hold the power button for 2 sec then press and hold the home button not releasing the pwr button for 16 sec then release both wait 3 sec then try to power the iphone on again

  13. Javier Rivera says:

    hey were is the link

  14. 316boiboi says:

    whers the link

  15. RighteousRasta says:

    dude i just upgraded my iphone 3 to 3.1.3 and it no coming on and i cant use my simple mobile sim and that link don’t even work any more even doe i cant use it send me a free link where i can get my phone back runing agin dude

  16. canadyronnie says:

    @fossman626 Very Nice Video,I would like to asked you a Guestion,If my iphone is ..Jailbroken/Unlocked,can I use any Sim card in my iphone..Yes…Or..No.please let me know A.S.A.P at or call me at ..678-863-9523 Thank You very much..Ron

  17. fossman626 says:

    this is not an unlock….

  18. ana13rdz says:

    I did exactly what you did and now my iphone won’t come back on… what now?

  19. Ebu Muaz says:


  20. bahamainspider says:

    I am wondering i live in the Bahamas and i want to unlock an i phone for any carrier globally. Can you help me

  21. Rob H says:

    where are the fucking links 

  22. SuperRicardo911 says:

    yo i need help:O

  23. babu555 says:

    5 fingers UP :) thnx dude

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