How to: Downgrade iPhone 3GS: 4.3.5 to 4.3-4.3.3! STEP BY STEP!

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  1. MrRaddude81 says:

    hi, i was wandering if you could help me or make a video showing how to downgrade an iphone 4s ios 6.0.1 to ios 5? ive tried with tinyunbrella but got error code (11)….. i would like it if you could help me soon, please, the new update sucks. yes i have shsh files saved.

  2. Ricky32908 says:

    what if u dont?

  3. LightHouseChampagne LHC says:

    my green pencil you found it

  4. Faisal siddiqui says:

    i get error 2005 and 1604 >.<
    God damn fucking hate recovery shit !

  5. bernigers says:

    this is because its already jailbreaked

  6. bernigers says:

    i get error 28 from 5.1 to 4.1 on my iphone 3gs do you have a clue?

  7. Darren Rainey says:

    why would you what to downgrade it ????????????

  8. ordinarycourage says:

    do you know how to fix error 60000 ms im giving up?

  9. Hanna Kamar says:

    thanx so mutch :)

  10. santos pleitez says:


  11. bigredmatt13 says:

    my ipad wil not show up on itunes for some reason

  12. AhmadHamade101 says:

    Tinyumbrella not opening!
    i get this error:
    at com.semaphore.util.plist.PElementAdapter.get(
    at com.semaphore.util.plist.PList.get(
    at com.semaphore.util.plist.PElementAdapter.getPath(
    at com.semaphore.TinyLoader.findLibs(

    and more….

    So what should I do! I downloaded the latest Java but nothing happened! Please help! D:

  13. gazsad67 says:

    what if my saved SHSH is 4.1 (not 4.2 or 4.3+)?
    can I still proceed for an untethered fix to error 1015?


  14. rubiknoob says:

    If i did not get error 1015, does that mean that i’ve done it wrongly?

  15. Tiffany Tonge says:

    my device only comes up as a serial number and there are no SHSHs what do i do?

  16. GizMo1913 says:

    hey the 4.3.3 does not work .. i got into 60000 ms ! giving up message

  17. TupacKatokadafi says:

    what about ipad 2 ?

  18. TehHardScoper says:

    i have my shsh saved for 4.3.5 and 4.3.3 and its not working-.-

  19. ian559fresno says:

    only if you have your shsh saved

  20. ian559fresno says:

    edit your host files

  21. TehHardScoper says:

    Can i downgrade my iPhone 3GS ios 5 to 4.3.5?

  22. High0n0xygen says:

    Run as administrator or use iFaith.

  23. High0n0xygen says:

    Run as administrator

  24. High0n0xygen says:

    Yup. But have you ever jailbroken on the firmware you want to downgrade to? If so, personal message me on YouTube and I can help you out.

  25. ApPleHaCkErPrO says:

    I only have the 4.3.5 shsh firmware on my iPod touch I just got it a week ago

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