How to Hack Candy Crush Saga – Facebook

25 Comments on "How to Hack Candy Crush Saga – Facebook"

  1. Scott Preston says:

    addiction killer, yea!!!

  2. deana manirath says:

    the best thing ever <3

  3. XSpOtTeDzEbRa says:


  4. mie gaarde says:

    wich settings needs to be changed? i have downloaded it but nothing happens?

  5. vanRossumFCU says:

    i cant even download it.

  6. Robby vx says:

    lol it does not charge you does it

  7. milky chiyoko says:

    tq…this is the best ever

  8. LukeachuProductions says:

    No Problem, didn’t know the video was gonna get so popular. Hope you liked it! :D

  9. Jose Preach says:

    This made my day! Worked like a charm thanks!

  10. Jonny Oxley says:

    go into your settings for firefox and change the cache settings

  11. Francis damien says:

    Hacking any facebook account can be done with its great

  12. DEMONICUNDEAD1993 says:

    Get in trouble?

  13. gjulio rusha says:

    it defenetly works

  14. bervade says:

    How can i do that?? im stuck in 30% load

  15. TOA k says:


  16. Amie Hu says:

    Here are some tips/ tricks I compiled that may help you level up fast:

  17. JamesRees94 says:


  18. pokerican69 says:

    how do u do that?

  19. pokerican69 says:

    it didnt work

  20. Michael Gordon says:

    this is the newest update of this hack : /watch?v=wHS8BUIxNU4

  21. TomWagey says:


  22. Jonny Oxley says:

    This really does work well, you just have to change the cache settings to get it to load past 30% – i was sceptical but this really does work :-)

  23. babozna1 says:

    How to get that extension on Firefox ? I really need it.

  24. Jason Vendike says:

    You can spy or hack facebook users using a great tool

  25. riharcs . says:


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