How To Install GBA Emulator on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad 5.1.1 – FREE GpsPhone & Get Roms!

22 Comments on "How To Install GBA Emulator on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad 5.1.1 – FREE GpsPhone & Get Roms!"

  1. Minecraft7227 says:

    i dont want to jailbreak my ipod though

  2. kaylz1760 says:

    I love you

  3. Daniel74748 says:

    GREAT CLIP man,Peace!

  4. arquelcudia says:

    The Gameboy bios doesn’t want to download at all for 6.1.2

  5. gsaddfff says:

    Pretty cool, bro. Have you tried Dark Dawn yet?

  6. Hisham Temmar says:

    when starting the game, choose Landscape or Landscape & SOund

  7. TheLead18 says:


  8. Shyam R says:

    I am on ios 6.0.1 jb with evasi0n tool and using gpsphone 7.1.3. I cannot save at all. In game saves and save slots , they dont work. I have set the bios and everything. The games run and it even says save successful in game but when i restart the game, i dont have the option of continuing the game.

  9. BjayyC says:

    how are you guys even having problems with this? jailbreaking the iphone/ipod is the easiest thing ever.

  10. toca967 says:

    The games won’t play on the emulator

  11. Henry Quach says:

    that’s why he said to download em seperately

  12. João Hortas says:

    Yes this emulator does that. In the settings you just have to choose skin 2 and scaling – enabled. And when you star your game put on landscape

    Ps: also works on ios 6.1

  13. Parker Crenshaw says:

    i did, if someone could please find the solution to this problem that would be awesome

  14. Acereaux x says:

    My friend had an emulator that you could full screen. Does this one do that as well?

  15. gamesUNLIMITED121 says:

    there is another gpsphone

  16. DangerouzRed says:

    It’s saying “Recheck” when I’m trying to download GPSPhone from Cydia. I have an iPhone 4s with iOS 6.1

  17. nicholas2hype says:

    nun of these gba emulator works on my iphone dont know why :(

  18. GirNdKitty says:

    Anyone else get ‘h t t p / 1 .1 504 gateway timeout’ when trying to install both of the parts? :c

  19. xkboy987 says:


  20. coolisaac101 says:


  21. mdowg14 says:

    Mine just crashes its a pointless app

  22. Painoasis says:

    because it is

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