How to program the “Quadratic Formula” on TI-84, TI-83

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  1. RacoonBurglar says:

    1:20 saves time

  2. Thao Dang says:

    How can I make the answer become normal square root?? I don’t need it become real

  3. Terrythechoirnerd18 says:

    I put it in the calculator, but I want the program to stay in my calculator whenever I clear it, but it disappears, so what should I do 

  4. ExpertPlusGuitarHero says:

    How do I make imaginary solutions appear with this program? I’m already in Math Analysis / Pre-Calculus Honors if you’re wondering why.

  5. Schofield Miller says:

    omg thanks so much. this will come in handy

  6. Lisa Austin says:

    2nd Quit

  7. Lisa Austin says:

    2nd Quit

  8. quisabest says:

    thank you so much

  9. sofivestarish says:

    I just programmed this and my screen looks EXACTLY like yours but I got -5 and -5…. help?!

  10. BriannaWazHere9 says:

    Oh My GOD thnck you so much saved me so much work

  11. Tadiyah Danforth says:


  12. GETURHANDSUP916 says:

    Your welcome :)

  13. Devanand Kanhai says:

    thank you

  14. Duoonlol says:

    this is not the exact way but it works , use GRAPH then CLEAR , and then follow what he did after he shows his homework

  15. Lili Huang says:

    i’m pretty sure graphing calculators save automatically, so after Real, click 2nd mode (the quit button) and you’ll have a blank screen. then when you click Program, Quad should be there. it was for me, but i’m using a TI-83Plus. hope that helps :)

  16. Kelly Torza says:

    I’m having the same problem as this guy. When you show us your homework paper, the calculator goes out of view then returns blank. What exactly do we need to do after Real before we can enter our equation?

  17. ComaLouCasualRock says:

    Don’t worry, “Archived” means On the TI-83+, archived means that a program, list, equation, picture, or other item is stored in the calculator’s Flash memory instead of its RAM. This can be used so that the item does not get erased when the RAM is cleared, or to reclaim free RAM for other programs and files. However, archived items cannot be executed or modified, so they must be unarchived first.

  18. ComaLouCasualRock says:

    You can do everything you just said…then to use your “Archived” program named “QUAD” or whatever you liked,
    1- You will find a ” * ” on the name of the file or program = which means ARCHIVED. To use it, press ” 2ND” key..The ” + ” sign, we are looking back into its memory.Press 2 and you will find a list starting with ” All…. ” Press the 1, and a black arrow will indicate the file name and the star mentioned above, press ” ENTER’ and voila! It becomes usable again!

  19. ComaLouCasualRock says:

    This is awesome! It really worked! Thanks very much, this is greatly appreciated!

  20. Angelina267 says:

    thanks man!

  21. marteney20 says:

    this sucks because you didnt tell us wheat to do after you finished typing all the program stuff in. Were we suppose to save it or what?

  22. KingKaryKo says:

    can you do a cubic one????

  23. danny81299 says:

    Great Program! It can be furthered shortened though. The two quadratic equation lines that allow the calculator calculate both values can be shortened from
    (-B+sqrt(B^2-4AC))/2A) STO> D
    (-B-sqrt(B^2-4AC))/2A) STO> E


    (-B+{1,-1}sqrt(B^2-4AC))/2A) STO> L1

    The second will give the answer as a list, hence the use of the L1 variable instead of D or E. In the case of your problem (a=1, b=6, c=5), the result would be {-1 -5} instead

  24. luuuuver says:

    Thanks :) It was easy to follow and helped a lot

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