‘iFile’ is Simply a Must Have iPhone Jailbreak App

25 Comments on "‘iFile’ is Simply a Must Have iPhone Jailbreak App"

  1. LmfaoReviews says:

    was it insanleyi?

  2. BGW101 says:

    does iFile cost money?

  3. naruto uzimacky says:

    I got mine free thanks to two sources

  4. lukas10111 says:

    LOL JoilbreakMovies at start

  5. dale242628 says:

    i saw someone’s ifile app and it has email icon on ifile. do u know how to get email icon on ifile? thanks!

  6. UnDeAdUpLoAdEr says:

    i got all my apps on cydia for free :D

  7. newmans50 says:

    I have Ifile and have been trying to transfer music from an app called download and transfer the music from that to the music liberty on my iPhone is there anyway to do it in anyway without the use of a computer

  8. sweetcandysmile says:

    What happens when you clink the LINK option? Because I click mine but I’m not sure what happened ????

  9. TheDjoetma says:

    Will this allow me to access networkfolders over smb or NFS? This is one of the main things that’s keeping me from iOS-devices.

  10. jerryx2000 says:

    can you download all photos from the iPhone with iFile?

  11. cyberty5000 says:

    no sorry :/

  12. vebjørn Myrlund says:

    can you download tweaks with ifile

  13. Ian Abreu says:

    iFile is already free… Well, sort of. It’s shareware.

  14. Adnan Adil says:

    Pls help does make any change in iFile effect the work of iPad with iTunes on the PC since I jailbroken my iPad and tried to install Siri and belfry in it I’m not able to back up my purchase or add any new music or photo from my iTunes on PC please do help!!!!!!!……….?????????????

  15. Philip giovia says:

    is there a way i can use my iphone as a usb storage device hold full softwares and games to transfer from pc to pc?

  16. MultiMixa1 says:

    I’m cheap, I downloaded the cracked version.

  17. Brian Kaylaynathan says:

    it’s in cydia…

  18. starcandyblue says:

    Lol okay so for people who dont get it: basically you can hack apps and stuff with this. Sort of turns your iPod into a computer so that you can do whatever you want to your settings apps and whatever. So it gives you full control instead of being limited by what apple wants you to be limited o.

  19. vikdebeast99 says:

    its only for jailbroken iPhone/ipods

  20. ramesh sapkota says:

    hey anyone when i downloaded a video i used safari download manager and saved it to media-recording now when i got to video its not there help anyone

  21. BlueCookie349 says:

    I can’t find the app on the app store!!!!!!

  22. cluelesskunt says:

    well that was useless…

  23. itzguccibaby3 says:

    I agree with this dude ^

  24. Brad Parks says:

    Ok, I still dont get it… Why would I wanna do any of those things? What’s the point?

  25. TheNubbbler says:

    Filer and ifiles are more full featured. Can’t see system files though.

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