iPhone App Review: MY SECRET FOLDER – for locking away all your dirty secrets!

25 Comments on "iPhone App Review: MY SECRET FOLDER – for locking away all your dirty secrets!"

  1. thebluray says:

    I installed it and it crashed. I read the reviews iOS 6 does not work :-( … Thanks though

  2. orange17soccer says:

    Thank you!

  3. tonyl562 says:

    How do you set a decoy

  4. vinoth subramanian says:

    How I lock my app

  5. vinoth subramanian says:

    Now I lock my app

  6. Theheyyou20 says:

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  7. TheGeggs1 says:


  8. sandygries1 says:

    need password

  9. WDINT says:

    It does that now!

  10. Dion Middelweerd says:

    Cool app, the only option i miss is: Take a picture of the person who try to break in as a evidence haha! that would be so awesome!

  11. Jhsyber says:

    Nice video but yoo how can I recover my pics if I deleted the app??

    #please answer me

  12. irock2231 says:

    is there a way to have you’re text msgs in that app?

  13. HacknisXOsama21 says:

    We’re do I find this

  14. Killsomecero says:

    Most definetely a compliment.

  15. EsskayVEVO says:

    You look like Gary Cahill.

  16. meenavaj89 says:

    How do I go back to the main pass after set up the decoy folder??

  17. rhys lewis says:

    great vid… except …. i have the app but have no clue how to put stuff in it??!! agghhhhhhh its just empty ? how do i import stuff into it?!

  18. ghosts2kewl says:

    More Special then my socks

    Shit just got real

  19. keli011770 says:

    Why does my decoy password keep changing without me doing anything?

  20. WDINT says:

    She was a reasonably attractive teenager, and a girl. Not sure if thats a compliment or an insult? :)

  21. Killsomecero says:

    you look a lot like that australian girl with the dancing eyebrows

  22. sammandys says:

    but wait what if they guess the right code?

  23. WDINT says:

    Welcome :) 

  24. WDINT says:

    It didn’t when I made the video – they’ve since added this in subsequent releases

  25. WDINT says:

    Thank you very much! If you could share any of my videos you like on Facebook/twitter etc it would help me out LOADS. Thanks again.

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