iPhone SMS Hack

10 Comments on "iPhone SMS Hack"

  1. TheMixtry says:

    this hack dosent work on iphone 4 ?!

  2. saroh25 says:

    you couldnt have waited an hour til you got home and make a video?

  3. ezzpify says:

    You shound be a news reporter xD Your voice is perfect for that job lmao!

  4. soulsurvivor52784 says:

    Agreed, there are going to be a lot more viruses, spyware and other sorts of bugs attacking our mobile devices.

  5. Smati95 says:

    no apple did nothing with this hack!

  6. 93flashred says:

    I like how your making a video while your driving haha ROFL

  7. ItsPong says:

    Your voice sounds like someone in a commercial :D

  8. jiaweizheng1990 says:

    OMG that means i need to jailbreak again =_=
    wtf there anit any major virus for Mac now there is one for iphone =_=

  9. greysong5 says:

    The update with the security fix is out now Iphone OS 3.0.1.

  10. GoldfishFilms says:

    This is true, the guy who helped make the jailbreakme exploit is going to be showing this off :D

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