Iphone4 Quick Mic fix!

24 Comments on "Iphone4 Quick Mic fix!"

  1. Laroosh16 says:

    Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! Omg your such a liveesaver!!

  2. abcnoah123 says:


  3. rowan91sc says:

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  4. HolaaaHola says:

    Hi, I cleaned the mic but still when I record video or use speaker to make calls, it doesnt work. Not sure what happened with the phone since I bought is from someone. Do I have to replace the secendary mic? Where can I order it?

  5. KCNOODLE says:

    OMG!! You are a life saver! Thank you so much for this video!!!!

  6. Danielle Lalonde says:

    Your amazing!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  7. SGuthrie324 says:

    Youre a life saver! I was ready to go to apple and pay to have it fix….would have felt like an idiot

  8. B Dub says:

    thanks bro!

  9. Oswaldo Alc says:

    -.- ‘ i tried to do the same thing as you but it didn’t work ‘ what should i do now ‘ ?

  10. Oswaldo Alc says:

    Yea Thanks ‘ Im going to try this because its acting the same way -.- 

  11. blackraid1 says:


  12. Zoe James says:

    Thanks so much! Saved my life x

  13. bigd316316 says:

    Thank you, worked great!!

  14. UltimaxPro says:

    Oh my god, thank you!!

  15. USAlovelist says:

    OMG, thank you so much! I’ve had a vinyl graphic wrap on my phone for months. Siri never seemed to be available when I needed her, my videos didn’t turn out well, i tried a face time call once and it didn’t work, i thought I had someone on speaker and they couldn’t hear me… I never put it all together because My phone calls sounded fine. I never imagined there were two microphones. Instant fix! Thank you!

  16. YogaFlava says:

    It worked for me! Thank you!

  17. multitropicalfish says:

    DIDNT WORK WAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Toria8806 says:

    You are incredibly awesome! thought this would be an expensive fix. Speaker phone, FaceTime, and recording Videos… I couldn’t use any of those features, but now they work. You, sir, are my hero.

  19. Marcus Mullins says:

    Thanks Seriously Man you saved me a lotta time and headache by making this video.! GOD Bless you!!!

  20. iwantmylauren says:

    omg i am now a fan!!!! you saved my phone and i ccan vlog again… thankyou!

  21. ecorinaldesi says:


  22. Jorge Ponce Garcia says:

    Incredible!!!!!! AWESOME!!!! THANKS MAN!!!!

  23. DrElenaM says:

    Thank you! When recording video on the Iphone it wasn’t picking up the audio from the person speaking. I had the cover of my Otter case closed over the speaker jack (and other mic at the top, which you showed on this video and I had no idea it was even there)! So now I will try it…
    OK, just used a safety pin and cleaned out that top mic…amazing! THANK YOU! ;-)

  24. 89soxlover says:

    OMG THAT’S ALL I NEEDED TO DO!? You’re my hero. I can hold on to my iphone 4 for a few more years now.

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