KisMAC Hacking Full Tutorial: How to crack WEP & WPA with Kismac

25 Comments on "KisMAC Hacking Full Tutorial: How to crack WEP & WPA with Kismac"

  1. sgrsgrsgrsgrsgr says:


  2. MacXing1 says:

    My kismac always crashes whenever i try and start scan.. any opinions?

  3. sgrsgrsgrsgrsgr says:

    Yeah, it can happen. Specially on a windy day ….

  4. jekentmeniet4013 says:

    i lose 2G of my memory why ?
    i hate it !!

  5. sgrsgrsgrsgrsgr says:

    because your question has been already answered 100 times. RTFM.

  6. invadercam1324 says:

    why not just answer the question instead of sounding like a jerk? :/ lol

  7. sgrsgrsgrsgrsgr says:

    May be you are aware of a undiscovered flaw in the protocol. Your highly valuable scientific expertise would benefit the entire community. Please enlighten us. (lol2)

  8. upgradable rodz says:

    it works

  9. sgrsgrsgrsgrsgr says:


  10. Gloria Gomez says:

    Hi, can someone please tell me what a dictionary file is? Is it an actual program wordlist that needs to be downloaded, can i use Excel? I was I’m to the point where i got the handshake and ready to start a brute wordlist attack but i don’t know what file to select.

    Thank you for you time and hope to hear from anyone soon.

  11. Jose Hernandez says:

    0:04 lol Dic attack

  12. sgrsgrsgrsgrsgr says:

    for the 10,000th time , help is on the blog.

  13. invadercam1324 says:

    anyway to to crack the wpa without rt73 chipset? :/ please help.

  14. KingSuperCreeper says:

    man i tryed everything u said i got over 150,000 uiv’s still it dont work i need assistance plz…

  15. sgrsgrsgrsgrsgr says:

    B-L-O-G !!!

  16. viniciuskmax says:

    yes, it works.

  17. MrKittyMuncher says:

    I believe you mean Mountain Lion, 10.7 and 10.8, and no it does not.

  18. Joren Vanherwegen says:

    i dont get any unique iv’s just packets… is this because there is no traffic? can i generate traffic without acces?

  19. loritabesha says:

    it works on Lion Mountain?

  20. sgrsgrsgrsgrsgr says:

    try 4Chan …

  21. twistedmisery666 says:

    i keep getting the spinning wheel of death when i select all chan

  22. sgrsgrsgrsgrsgr says:

    MrKzug +1 .  Thank you.

  23. MrKzug says:


  24. thetellurian says:

    Why shouldn’t we install the driver for the USB dongle? I have the Alfa AWUS036H, but it isn’t listed in the driver list on KisMac. Doesn’t that mean I SHOULD install the driver?

  25. niiicko1 says:

    When i change it to passive, as soon as i click start scan it cuts my internet connection, please help someone???

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