NEW Kindle Fire From Amazon: Unboxing

25 Comments on "NEW Kindle Fire From Amazon: Unboxing"

  1. gabrielyu88 says:

    the nexus 7 is extremely easy to unbox

  2. Alex Attard says:

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  3. xtinkoreo7x says:

    Great unboxing vid.
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  4. iHackUriDevice RO says:

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  5. r0Cklln3v3rDi3 says:

    Very helpful videos :)  ありがとう!

  6. Riley Cooper says:

    how much money does this dude have he has SO MANY TABLETS!!!!!

  7. Cave Jhonson says:

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  8. Richard Guerreso says:

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  9. Ali Albasseri says:

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  10. 10yahoocomvandrew says:

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  11. zXREAPERSXz says:

    hahaha got it from Amazon for £99, it was a black Friday deal! but it over know.

  12. tanner furrh says:

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  13. fledguitarplayer43 says:

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  14. cutesugerfree says:

    this was uploaded exactly a year ago xD just saying..

  15. Mona Gardner says:

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  16. Alex Spagnuolo says:

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  17. Colton Palmer says:

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  18. s07665219 says:

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  19. kitty shuffler says:

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  20. siko bro says:

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  21. BlackOps347 says:

    i like how you explain every detail of your unboxing videos!

  22. BlackOps347 says:

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  23. larsenmax3139 says:


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  24. AuraBenny says:

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  25. AuraBenny says:

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