Sniffing Passwords with Cain & Abel

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  1. Tyre Pickett says:

    @HeavenRulesRS ahhh Tryna hack some runescape accounts ehhh?

  2. HeavenRulesRS says:

    Help! ,everytime I check what the username and password and stuff is, it doesnt say it instead it has this long ass code of numbers and letters

  3. bboytiger222 says:

    ty bro, i installed cain on my laptop and i’m connected to the internet through wifi, i opened cain and clicked on configure and all the adapters have the ip address and subnet mask also ,except one which has the ip address of my laptop so i choosed it and then i started the sniffer ,and i found one result which is the ip address of the router ,then i moved to apr and clicked the plus sign and it gave me a message”you need at least two hosts to set an apr entry” ,,can u help me plz ,,ty

  4. MostWantedYeah says:

    A list of free password cracker programs.-

  5. seXBOXmods says:

    WELL he either phished your computer or keylogged it

  6. seXBOXmods says:

    hey if i want to hack an xbox live account outside of my network say in the united kingdom could i get it if i just have their ip nothing else what do i need to do

  7. churkuzz says:

    All it gave me was long numbers. what did i do wrong?

  8. xxxROADYxxx says:

    what is that songggg

  9. paras naheed says:

    its downloaded on my computer but when i click on to install then it says file is incorrepted pls help me

  10. whymeproducz says:

    bro when im on facebook and login i get on it a username and password of numbers aswell can you please help

  11. chad ramirez says:

    I lost track in the victim machine part…how did you get there

  12. extremeweatherman8 says:


  13. MrCrazyrider101 says:

    when i try to open the setup it says a device attatched to the system is not functioning what do i do

  14. TheHacker0007 says:

    you didn’t do anything wrong. Facebook, Hotmail, YouTube, most websites have secure login so that people can’t sniff it like this video. The numbers you see are an encryption. Cain can crack those, but depending on the length, variables, numbers etc. The cracking process can take years

  15. fifavid1 says:


  16. mavbric says:

    You need to un-encript or decrypt is using the MD5 decoder on Cain

  17. KulabunAto says:

    What’s the name of the background music?

  18. Flasher732 says:

    Hi. What does the APR-Certs do?

  19. ark50000 says:

    OMG i need help i swear i am not stupid lol but whenever i fuckin click on start APR after i clicked the blue button and added my wireless router with my xbox 360 slim it kicks me out of my party and if i leave it on even longer it kicks me offline wtf? how do i fix this i have had this problem for a while!

  20. sydul islam mazumder says:

    hi. and thanks for the video! in my cain and abel i dont receieve any packets!!! why is that??? can u please help me with cmd hacking!!! and let me know about my cain and abel problem

  21. janit kotak says:

    scanning hosts takes a lot of time

  22. SteadiedME says:

    that would be the CMD

  23. hacker12534 says:

    Compulsive Masturbation Disorder

  24. jessie jaime says:

    what did you open on 3:53


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