The World Ends with You: Solo Remix – Video Walkthrough – Day One

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  1. BlackHei711 says:

    Because a while ago they had a 7 day count down for this port. Everyone thought it was going to be a sequel. So at the time the fans were just disappointed.

  2. RekuraiHC says:

    Because people are really stupid

  3. slashburst says:

    i don’t get it, why so many dislikes for such a good video?

  4. aelyta lyoko says:

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  5. RRRadish says:

    At this point yes. But it was perfectly justified back when it got announced IMO. They hyped it up disproportionately for a phone game.

  6. Guss .D says:

    Ah wonderful. I think the touch screen on the Ipad/Ipod is much more sensitive as well which must result in the more responsive gameplay you mentioned, no more of that pin subslot bollocks haha. Still think I’d prefer controlling both characters though, when fighting certain enemys in the original you actually HAD to pay attention to the top screen to avoid some nasty attacks which made me feel more like a badass pro ahaha

  7. Guss .D says:

    Not trying to be an overly defensive nerd here but I know perfectly well what Another Day is, the original TWEWY was pretty much my favourite game of all time ahaha (Anime/JRPG haters be damned) and ah what a shame, is she still in competiton with Uzuki? To be the biggest geek instead of band groupie this time around I presume…

  8. JohnCaseyCB says:

    Lol, depends on the stylus. :P If you use something like…the Adonit Jot, hell yeah it’ll mess it up. But a rubber tip stylus? Nah, works like a charm and leaves no marks.

  9. Guss .D says:

    Won’t that fuck your Ipad’s screen up?

  10. Guss .D says:

    Oh is that Another Day in the Solo Remix version? What happens to her?

  11. JohnCaseyCB says:

    I dunno – I disagree. Sure, you lose the top-screen gameplay, but in exchange, you get much more responsive Neku gameplay.

    At least, if you’re playing on an iPad with a stylus. :P

  12. Guss .D says:

    What’s different about her?

  13. Guss .D says:

    Worse battle mechanics imo, sucks not being able to control both characters…

  14. Desi1231 says:

    I know it came out before KH3D, I was just saying that, having never heard of this game UNTIL I saw KH3D, I was a bit let down, since it seemed so cool.

  15. Guciom says:

    thank you for expressing your ignorance, TWEWY came out before KH3D and it has it’s own stile.

  16. EnnieMineeTiffany says:

    I prefer playing on DS since its better but I think iPhone is good too

  17. jduffpuff689 says:

    11:48 does anyone know the name of that music or sound trackat this part or is it just a cut scene thing?

  18. Desi1231 says:

    What is with the comic book graphics? Man, this looked cooler in Kingdom Hearts 3D….

  19. WarHeadNuke says:

    @Jacob Giegel True, but your partner is a pin in this version of the game so I think it works story wise. (Spoiler if you didn’t beat it) Rhyme becomes a pin in the game too so I think it makes sense to me how they approached it.

  20. XidemDaSlayer says:

    This guy really sucks at this game XD

  21. DragonArbock says:

    I agree. When I heard about this remake playing with only Neku, I had the exact same thought. I loved the game on the DS because it was innovative, and there was a big stress on team work. That’s all gone on the iOS, which is a real shame.

  22. RynoGow says:


  23. soulspika says:

    If this was pay to get stronger I will kill APPLE

  24. bill johnson says:

    That feel of playing literally half a game.

  25. SevenFootPelican says:

    20 bucks? What a waste of money…

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