Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks 2012/2013 – Part 8

24 Comments on "Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks 2012/2013 – Part 8"

  1. Dhaannessh Balasundram says:

    Where did you get the pen

  2. Kaila D says:

    installous has been shut down permanatly ( spelling sucks)

  3. TheMikeattard says:


  4. Michel lee says:

    If you want to customize your phone you should definitely use an Andriod phone, not overpriced, doesn’t require springboard to be resprung after each change you apply.

  5. washingtoncapitals10 says:

    yes, logic is awesome

  6. ScaryClownFishy says:

    omg logic! lol i love that guy

  7. winnythepoo135 says:

    you have the best vids and think of all the best tweaks iv download a few already

  8. Paul Smith says:

    Hit the like button if you listen to Logic as well

  9. nukeshockhybrid says:

    why not buy an android phone that can do this out of the box ? and more when rooted ?

  10. leaf16nut says:

    This is fucking retarded, you jailbreak your phone and still have to buy the apps… What a crock of shit.

  11. a4gottenboy says:

    you sound alot like amazinglife247

  12. Aaron Lim says:

    You have Justin Bieber song

  13. iAppleTech2 says:

    yup :) 

  14. g4mbl4er says:

    how did you add in dashboard so you could change the light and the sound and the wifi. please help me

  15. elitestrategiez says:

    Hey guys, I have created a bunch of reviews for the latest Cydia applications. I give step-by-step instructions on how to use them and more. Please check out the videos on my channel and let me know what you think by leaving a comment!
    Please like this comment so more people can see it!

  16. FacT ChaoZzz says:

    just un install your unfold from cydia then it works :)

  17. 7olie says:

    Jailbreak 6.1 in less than 5 minutes: youtube/UurqZ5n8ulQ

  18. Cody Hash says:

    apple so needs to look at this

  19. Jeremy Lopez says:

    2:01 this a test for youtube :genius face:

  20. justin albert says:

    unfold makes my ipod go unto safe mode as soon as i unlock everytime help?

  21. boooooooooooooones99 says:

    Play 4 heavy games (infinity blade, NFS Most wanted, and others) at the same time

  22. Nomadic254 says:

    is there a similar face slider but free?

  23. BustAGroove9890 says:

    I am quite impressed with the Apple community! I mean, maybe I’m just saying this because I, myself, am bad at coding and programming, but it’s amazing how people made this handy and epic stuff!

  24. TheGoProBahs says:

    holy shit! you listen to logic!!

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