Top 30 Best Cydia IOS5 2012 Apps Tweaks of ALL TIME | iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad- iOS 5/5.0.1/5.1

25 Comments on "Top 30 Best Cydia IOS5 2012 Apps Tweaks of ALL TIME | iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad- iOS 5/5.0.1/5.1"

  1. Roy Perez says:

    Specific Cydia Source :)

  2. mav6771 says:

    he has 17,378 subs

    you have 4, how is he a “looser”?

  3. AMAZING36073 says:


  4. MrJasonic25 says:

    My ears are bleeding

  5. ducktapedduckedtape says:


  6. UnknownFPS says:

    All useless

  7. Bobby Orr says:

    And you’re a prick. ._.

  8. kevin sanders says:

    looser you have to put your number on the internet for people to txt you

  9. md smlhossain says:

    Here guys, the secret most jailbreakers dont want you to know…
    They have the latest untethered jb for iOS 6

  10. NikeEliteFTW says:

    just got my new iphone so i can jail break my old ipod :)

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  13. CappeRappe01 says:

    u need to jailbreak!

  14. dbcott77 says:

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  16. Friezen7 says:

    it’s not in the appstore!!!!! You have to JAILBREAK IT! -_-

  17. Johan Jasmin says:

    Theres always people like you in every jailbreak vid.

  18. crazyclass1234 says:

    I can’t find cydia

  19. RonRon Thompson says:

    Great Vid

  20. SMevans Evans says:

    how do u get it free

  21. Victor Hammel Sobreira says:

    me, i never wake up with normal alarms, hahaha

  22. HAMZA LION says:

    how to open iphone in your pc

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