Top 30 Cydia/Jailbreak Apps – Part 6

24 Comments on "Top 30 Cydia/Jailbreak Apps – Part 6"

  1. yahoobing says:

    no duh spoofapp & 123spoof r illlegal

  2. knicksfanatic7 says:

    nice vid

  3. notetoself1609 says:

    how did you get the pop up txt thing where you can reply to txt’s no matter what your doing?

  4. darreltheslammer says:

    yes it is i just did it with my 2g

  5. Aptisu says:

    with greenpois0n or limer1an.

  6. Amer123786 says:

    Fucking bastard wasted my time I’m going to fuck his girl

  7. kobball10 says:

    hey do you know if its still possible to jailbreak the ipod touch 2g running on 4.1 firmware?

  8. ephutpdb13 says:

    how do i get icy on my iphone

  9. redsox4life55 says:

    Holy crap that was a long video

  10. PrezTyler says:

    sallormoon xD

  11. ebaadbawany786 says:

    how did u download icy?

  12. katienstan says:

    how do i get the mb on the front screen on iphone what app is it thanks

  13. Eduardo Augusto Serra says:

    Man, im from Brazil, and glad having u here to help us. Thx man

  14. doaner10194 says:

    watched every1 of these videos dude haha actually had to pause it so i could go to the bathroom and get a sandwhich haha but ur fucking halarious and great job best app video on youtube without a doubt

  15. Matthew Blackwell says:

    How did you record the phone call? I’ve been looking for an iphone app that does that.

  16. danieldaanw says:

    Hi, liked your little ‘review’ but may I ask how
    you let the memory show in statusbar ?
    The MB’s next to your clock i mean.

    Thanks in advance

  17. AlbaRecoil says:

    Lots of cool apps and stuff but the vids should only take like 3 mins each and you drag the crap out of them, you must like the sound of your voice or something

  18. WisdomInHeresy says:

    hmmm is there any way to get snes free?

  19. Evercam1 says:

    You us lockerz huh

  20. ahmed Albader says:

    GREAT WORK, IT HELPED me to add some sources to my cydia. !!
    i watched all your videos, some of them i had to pause and repeat , its like a lecture that you cant miss!

  21. Jaymes Warmuth says:

    hey for installous its asking for me to fill in a fill in the blank question. i have no idea. “kyek modified a greasemonkey plugin to allow you to see if an appulous IPA link was dead before you clicked it. the original plugin was the _______ Links checker” could you help me out?

  22. buffguy87 says:

    wow this shit was like the best iphone video i’ve seen in a while! thanks man!

  23. mustardiskeup says:

    adult …..


  24. grayson552 says:


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