25 Comments on "TOP 5 MODS FOR MINECRAFT 1.4.7"

  1. Blake Aaron says:

    its a sign :0

  2. pixelbitHD says:

    such a shame you were the only one to witness such an occurence

  3. Jack Johnson says:

    u should stop

  4. KillerFishVids says:

    *facepalm* You honestly think he is saying this about the video? When he REPLIED to another comment that led to a virus? Jesus.

  5. Anthony Morales says:

    I cracked minecraft before, and then i bought it and buying it is much more worthwhile.

  6. Huntingunlimited35 says:


  7. Luca Missios says:

    you know these mods are not that really good but i kinda like then :) so i rather you keep on making these awesome and cool videos and i will subscribe :) plus i just starting making videos the only thing i did before was subscribing and wascing videos on youtube but i think this video is pretty cool so ya i want you to make more videos because i like to subscribe to people that are awesome and i think you are awesome so plz make more videos because i love to wacht them there awesom

  8. Rafael Olay says:

    wtf there is an error with the 3d santa mod

  9. walkthoughman9 says:

    no offence but these mods r not so cool

  10. Vitalik Brydinskiy says:

    8:00 from Russia?

  11. vikulia1999 says:

    ty ruskij?

  12. mathew villas says:

    your just sad cause you cant even install these mods :P

  13. Tanner Percival says:

    please check out my channel and help getting started. ill make new vids everyday please help me out like/comment ill trade subs!!!!! please help

  14. mabellebgennaroi says:

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  15. ronald11112222 says:


  16. TheVatroix says:

    Best Video For mods so far!

  17. CoolGwordZ says:

    Nice top mods specially the emoticons mode :3 i got all peoples’ attentions XD

  18. BastionCoalition says:


  19. NinjasThatFail32 says:

    WTF 9:00

  20. deadpixle4 says:

    what is the texture pack in the beginning of the last mod

  21. lucas lopes says:


  22. rho00123 says:


  23. xxxxsnipersxxxx100 says:

    9.01 to 9.03 there i a monkey :)

  24. xRuBingSx says:

    1234 dislikes……………………….. ?

  25. pokemon4582 says:

    i love the emotocon mod!

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